Ramón G. Rubio
Complutense University of Madrid, Spain

Ramon G. Rubio has been a Professor of Physical Chemistry since 1995, and the director of the Physical Chemistry Department since 2010. He has also been the manager of the National Program of Chemistry (2009-2012) and the director of the Spectroscopy facility of the Complutense University (2015-2018). His current research interests are to understand the interfacial rheology, including particle laden ones, in connection with the stability of emulsions and foams; understanding the dynamics of particles in bulk and confined and crowded systems; developing colloidal systems for delivering insecticides and to study polymer+surfactant systems for cosmetic applications. He is the author of 211 papers and 26 book chapters, and editor of a book and two special issues of Advances in Colloid and Interface Science. He is member of the advisory board or three journals.

Jong-Duk Kim
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea

Jong-Duk Kim has been a Professor and the director of the Molecular & Interface Engineering Lab in the Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, KAIST, since 1983. Recently he completed his term as the Director of KAIST's Energy Environment Research Center (2010-2014). His current research interests are to develop transcellular delivery devices for drugs, contrast agents, and electrical charges; graphene-based supercapacitors and asphaltene removal for bitumen. He is the author of more than 250 international papers and chapters, and a book, Interfacial Phenomena (Korean, 2000).

b gradyBrian Grady
University of Oklahoma, USA

Brian Grady is employed at the University of Oklahoma as Douglas and Hilda Bourne Chair in Chemical Engineering in the School of Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering. He has over 150 refereed journal papers and book chapters. He has served in a number of leadership roles in professional societies, including President of the Society of Plastics Engineers and Chair of the Surfactants and Detergent Division of the American Oil Chemist Society. He is also the Director of the Institute for Applied Surfactant Research at the University at Oklahoma, only the 3rd person to hold that title since the inception of the Institute 30 years ago.

k wilkKazimiera Anna Wilk
Wrocław University of Technology, Poland

Kazimiera Anna Wilk graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry at the Wrocław University of Technology, Poland (currently Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, WUST) in 1976 and obtained her PhD (1979) as well as DSc (1991) degrees in chemical sciences there. In 2001 she was promoted to the Full Profesor title. At present she is the chairman of the Chemical Engineering Discipline Council at WUST. She is also involved in activities for science in Poland, being a member of both the Central Commission for Degrees and Titles, and the Scientific Excellence Council in the Chemical Engineering discipline. Her scientific and research activities are in the field of innovative colloidal materials such as high added value surfactants as well as micro- and nanocarriers for sustained release of bioactive substances.